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We consult a wide range of businesses and corporations on the design and implementation of both qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. We continue our service to you by offering regular reviews of your plan, employee communications and ongoing service to ensure your plans run properly. Our years of experience and internal capabilities enable us to take advantage of the full range of financial options for our clients.

Working as an advocate for both business-owners and their employees, Poulos Advisors strongly supports employee education and investment advice. Specific investment advice has become extremely important to business-owners with corporate sponsored retirement plans due to the recent changes in pension law. Americans can no longer count on the government to help them retire, so it is up to them to ensure their retirement. Proper education and investment advice significantly increases employees' chances of financial independence. As a result, employers enjoy a much happier, financially sound and harder working work-force.

We do not have any affiliations with specific retirement plan providers or broker/dealers. Instead, we search the market for the optimal solution for your situation. After an investigation of several programs and providers, we will decide on the one that fits best with your goals, objectives, and cash flow of the business.

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