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Personal Financial Planning

Understanding Your Goals and Objectives

In line with all the work we do, first and foremost we define your goals and objectives. From there we seek to identify shortfalls and inefficiencies in your current situation and search for planning opportunities to expose potential improvements.

Investment Strategy and Advice

We will assist you in developing an investment strategy that is consistent with your goals and risk tolerance. We provide specific recommendations on securities and private portfolio managers.

Tax Planning

Tax planning begins with examining your income, capital gains, gift and estate tax exposures, and then developing a plan to minimize your total tax. To accomplish this, we will: 

  • Investigate your assets and financial transactions for tax reduction and deferral opportunities.
  • With respect to your investments, maximize your after-tax returns.
  • Investigate estate planning and discounting techniques to reduce your estate and gift tax.
  • Diversify your tax strategy while minimizing your tax risk.

Retirement Planning

Poulos Advisors, Inc. works closely with our clients to help them attain, manage and maintain financial independence. We will determine how much capital you will need as well as how best to accumulate and distribute it, taking into consideration your lifestyle needs, income sources and tax situation.

Estate Planning

The process of estate planning involves determining to whom, under what terms, and when your assets will be distributed to your heirs and/or charities. First, we will help you understand your estate and wealth transfer goals as well as their implications. We will then review and evaluate any existing plan. From there we will develop a framework with which to explore and evaluate alternative strategies and techniques. The outcome is a plan that meets your goals and objectives.

Personal Risk Management

People work a lifetime to accumulate assets, so it is extremely important to protect them. We will evaluate your personal liability coverage as well as search for opportunities to protect you through ownership arrangements. Equally important is your life and disability insurance and whether it is cost effective and sufficient to protect your family in the event of an unexpected death or disability.

College Funding

With the cost of higher education continuing to rise, planning ahead to accumulate the funds necessary to meet them has become imperative.

Lifetime Gifting

Gifting on a tax-advantaged basis to assist with the transfer of wealth to family members and others.

Charitable Giving

Giving to charitable organizations while capitalizing on any tax or dual interest opportunities.

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