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Investment Advisory Services

Our approach to investment advisory services is to understand your goals and objectives and help you make educated decisions with respect to the various investment alternatives available to you. In addition, we make certain your investment strategy is consistent with the rest of your financial plan, coordinating your investments and their interactions with your tax situation, estate plan and insurance strategy for example.

Poulos Advisors, Inc. is an independent Investment Advisor. We do not sell any investment products or receive commissions. Rather, we provide investment advice on a fee-basis. Some of the assets we oversee we manage on a discretionary basis while other assets are managed by various third party money managers.

  • Advice and supervision of individual investments and investment portfolios.
  • Access to privately managed portfolios. We have relationships with several private money managers providing our clients with access to top-tier investment management.
  • For clients with multiple accounts, and/or money managers, we oversee the accounts in aggregate to make certain they are all in line with your investment strategy and are working efficiently together. For example, having several accounts managed independently of one another can lead to repetition, and/or an over weighted holding or asset class.
  • Investigation of specialized investment vehicles such as hedge funds, private equity, REITs and other alternative investments.
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