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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we concentrate on planning, implementation, and coordinating rather than compliance.

  • Our goal is not to replace your existing advisors, rather to compliment them.
  • Some clients have an existing advisory team they want us to work with, and we are happy to do so.
  • Some clients have asked for our help in hiring a new advisory team. We have worked with all types of advisors and can assist in finding one that meets the client's needs.
  • Chances are your advisory team has never sat down together to discuss you business, financial, and personal goals in order to work as a team to achieve them. We look for efficiencies found in coordinating all of these areas comprehensively and ensuring they are interacting properly.
  • We help ensure the implementation of recommendations by acting as your advocate and managing the day to day details. A role other advisors rarely fill.
  • Hold a discovery interview to determine if there is a fit between our services and your situation which will produce a mutually rewarding relationship. If so, we will prepare a proposal of the services to be provided and the costs for your review.
  • Collect all relevant data, perform analysis, and prepare initial financial plan.
  • Implementation of initial recommendations.
  • Continual monitoring for constant improvement.

Poulos Advisors, Inc. is compensated by fees paid to us by our clients. The scope of the services range, but we generally receive a fee based on the percentage of assets under our management or by flat financial planning fees based on the complexity of the client situation.

No, we are an independent Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive compensation from Broker-Dealers.

No, we do not have any net-worth, account minimum or income requirements. Each client has a unique situation and the important factor is whether we can add value to it. 

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