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Does Your Portfolio Embrace Market Volatility?

Many investors, especially those still reeling from the 2008 – 2011 stock market roller coaster ride, have developed a low tolerance for volatility. As a result they have moved a significant portion of their investments into bonds or other fixed yield vehicles.

Does Market Timing Ever Pay?

In December of 2011, Reuters reported that U.S. equity funds experienced a record net outflow over the last four months of the year which suggested that investors were anxious to get out of the market after a partial recovery from the summer (2010) market collapse.

Intelligent Investment Practices that Work

In the endless search for the secrets to successful investing, investors seem to miss the most glaring reason why most fail.

That Company Stock in Your 401k Can Save You a Bundle in Taxes

We recently sat down with a new client to review his investment portfolio and discuss his retirement goals. Robert is just three years away from retirement after a 20 year career with Verizon. As we began to review his 401k plan, Robert grew visibility uncomfortable, looking up and away as if he was expecting the roof to cave in on top of him.

Understanding the Tax Implications of Buy-Sell Agreements

In the previous article we discussed which type of buy-sell agreement would be most suitable for your business based on your business arrangement (i.e. single owner, partnership, C-Corp w/ multiple owners, etc). In this article we consider the tax implications of the different types of buy-sell agreements, which, in some cases, may further dictate which plan is most suitable.

Buy-Sell Agreements are Essential Business Planning Tools

Few business owners ever imagine being in business with their partner’s spouse or children; but that is the possible nightmare they face when they don’t have a proper, insurance-funded business transfer plan in place.

The Fallibility of Investment Models

Investors who place too much faith in the investment models could be lulled into complacency which could leave them vulnerable to unexpected events.

Should You Worry about the Next Big Stock Market Decline?

After several years of strong, positive returns, the recent market decline is a stark reminder that what goes up must eventually come down. For jittery investors still reeling from the 2008 stock market crash, it’s the first real test of their newly formed mettle and their ability to withstand the emotional roller coaster that drove them from the market.

The Importance of Retirement Income Tax Diversification

For anyone approaching or entering retirement the subject of replacing income tends to be front and center, and with good reason. Not working anymore raises fundamental, lifestyle-shaping questions like “what will be my source or sources of income?”

Your Retirement Readiness Checklist

Who doesn’t dream of waking up every day and feeling like it’s the weekend? While it is true that the desire to eventually retire may not be universal, it’s almost certain that deciding whether or not we want to retire is easier than deciding if we are ready to retire.

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