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Poulos Advisors was founded in order to create a platform that could fulfill its core values; providing our clients with objective and comprehensive financial advice, exceptional service and adherence to the highest level of ethics. 

Additionally, Poulos Advisors' core competence in the area of privately held corporations, couples the wealth management and family office level of expertise and service with that of a highly specialized business planning firm. 

Our clients, regardless of whether they own real estate, privately held stock or have very liquid estates, can remain confident we have the expertise to optimize their financial situation. 

Objective and Comprehensive advice:

  1. Regardless of the scope of the planning engagement, Poulos Advisors is initially retained on a flat-fee based on the scope and complexity of the engagement.
  2. We do not require our client's assets to be under our management prior to giving advice.Many of our clients are business owners that have much of their assets concentrated in one illiquid asset, such as stock of a private company or real estate. Our platform provides specialized advice to these clients regardless of their ability to meet minimum investment requirements.
  3. Poulos Advisors has extensive experience and expertise in providing business planning advice and coordinating that advice with all areas of their personal finances.

Exceptional Service:

Our clients are successful business-owners and executives who do not lack the intelligence to manage their finances, but rather, the time necessary to accomplish such a task.

  1. Our implementation services are designed with this in mind, relieving our clients of the day-to-day details of managing their finances.
  2. Because we are not affiliated with a Broker/Dealer, Poulos Advisors does not have any restrictions with respect to the advice we give, or the service providers we use, outside of complying with the Investment Advisors Laws mandated by the SEC and applicable state regulatory bodies.

Highest Standard of Ethics:

Poulos Advisors' commitment, above all, is to act in our clients' best interest at all times.

  1. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Poulos Advisors acts as a fiduciary for its clients. With this commitment, we are required to act in our clients best interest at all times; unlike brokers who are held simply to the standard of suitability and whose best interests are not necessarily in line with their clients.
  2. We not receive commissions for investment products. Poulos Advisors manages money on a fee-basis. We do not sell investment products.
  3. We are committed to the removal of conflicts of interest. Poulos Advisors has placed the following tangible mechanisms in place to uphold these core values:
  • All fees and potential conflicts of interest are disclosed in advance of an engagement.
  • We not sell investment products for a commission.
  • Poulos Advisors is a fiduciary to our clients.
  • We do not require retention of our investment management services for our clients to receive advice.
  • We do not receive any "Soft-Dollar" compensation.
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